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Swampcast features Jonathan Schwartz, former Sun CEO

Join Michael Levin in this video interview with Jonathan Schwartz, former Sun Microsystems CEO. Jonathan discusses his tenure at Sun Microsystems and his current role as CEO of a startup called Carezone. He describes Carezone as a tool that compares to Facebook and LinkedIn, but is aimed toward private circles like family. He also discusses web security, gives advice to people in developing countries who aspire to become entrepreneurs and much more. Enjoy, and please let Jonathan and I know what you think by leaving comments.

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Comment by Michael Levin on July 22, 2017 at 9:20am

Wow, Carezone has turned into a fantastic app! I use it all the time with my family. Not only is it a good idea, but it's well written and bug free. Plus, it's free! In case you don't know, Carezone is Jonathan's startup, now several years old. You'll see Jonathan describe it in the interview. He says Facebook is for your friends and LinkedIn is for work, Carezone is for people you care for. It tracks your prescriptions and health related matters privately. The best thing about it is it's a centralized place to store all that info. So, for example, if you bring a new caregiver or doctor into the picture, you can just grant them access. Beats rooting through your purse or billfold looking through a bunch of notes. 

Comment by Mike Bivins on April 22, 2013 at 10:28am

My favorite statements:

"Markets are not measured, they are defined."


"You don't find opportunities when you are looking for them, you find opportunites when you are making them."


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